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Roland, HB9VQQ compiled a detailed review on his adjustiwave standard, please read it here

Ian, G4UGD sent me an email a few hours after setting up his adjustiwave standard for the first time. He set it up on WSPR running 5 watts. The band spots are extremely impressive

Just to let you know, I have just put the antenna up on 40 & 80 metres and doing some testing on WSPRnet running 5 watts. Been running 30 minutes with only what I can call stunning results, the setup was how you described it. Very very impressed with your antenna Colin, I will leave it running this afternoon to monitor the results but for 5 watts the antenna is so impressive.”

40m WSPR Spots

80m WSPR Spots

Here is a couple of videos made by Richie, MW0LGE

Richie setting up his essential the first day he received it
Richie showing how to change bands on his essential

Review by Peter G3XBI of his adjustiwave essential


I have now made several very good contacts on all bands 80m – 4M. I decided to leave the antenna as I originally had it as a temporary Install – a 15 min job as you can see. Most of the time I have had the mast down at around 20ft as my location being close to sea is fairly windy and I have not guyed the Mast.

On 80M (with the Antenna fully extended) it worked superbly and I was easily able to work across to the Americas / Japan at Night and New Zealand in the morning. This was not any surprise as I have a Vertical for 80M but with a reasonable radial system – the adjustiwave was not far behind and operating only with one Ground rod, but we do have a high water table being at sea level which may have helped.  The adjustiwave bandwidth was much narrower than my permanent antenna but this is not a problem as you can easily move the resonance point around and being so sharp made an ATU unnecessary. If you are using the cheaper SDR receivers as the front end band pass filters are easily overloaded if you let too much signal/bandwidth in.

5MHz- I have not had a decent antenna for this band so was pleased to get going with the antenna. More than any other band the Low take off angle of a vertical was really noticeable – I struggled to make contacts around Europe – I went outside twice to check the antenna!  However, a couple of hours before sunset I was working into the Far East no problem working XV1V Vietnam third call despite the mother and father of all pile ups.  Later in the Evening again being able to work into the East and West Coast of the USA and New Zealand and Australia with good signal reports. 

7MHz  – Worked fine, but I have very bad VDSL QRM so don’t do too much on the band.

10MHz  – Fantastic this band seems to be made for Quarter wave verticals. (Did some testing early evening – listened via Kiwi SDR located in Maine – was exactly S9 with 80W input  – this is with an all day light path and the Spiderpole extended to 30ft – I collapsed the pole down to 16 feet so that the antenna wire was fully taken up both sides and I could see little if any difference in signal strength – I tried the same test on 7Mhz and got the same results which I was surprised with.

I worked a number of stations on 24/28 and 50Mhz around Europe via Sporadic “E” with good signal level both ways – also worked a station on 70Mhz !

Conclusions after using the adjustiwave for a couple of weeks : –

Excellent on the Lower bands 80 – 30M gets you out on 20/17/21 and useful with “E” on 24/28/50 and 70Mhz  cant really go wrong – no need for matching coils Baluns ATU’s  straight from radio to Antenna – with a typical return load of 25db (less than 200mw at 100w input) I never had problems with RF in shack –  had a lot of fun using it and look forward to going /P when restrictions are lifted.

Think you should do fine with this piece of kit, stressing the advantages of always being at resonance which means in this configuration, 99.97% or more of the Transmit power gets to the Antenna – think the Rig expert figure “RL” on Antscope indicates around 25db. No losing power in ATU’s Baluns Coils Capacitors Chokes Line Isolaters Traps and all the other expensive things Ham radio shops want to sell.

Also for a small footprint you can put out a very good signal on the lower bands which is handy with a low sunspot count. I started off in Radio when I was 8 got my Licence at 14 (Which is 54 years ago !) Then got a Marine Radio Licence and spent 17 years as a seagoing Radio Officer – before ending up coming ashore to work at Portisheadradio/GKA – HF ship/aeronautical ground station, until closure in 1999. Then I worked as a system engineer on PMR TETRA national network Police/Fire/Ambulance until I retired a couple of years ago. I have operated most commercial and amateur equipment over the last half century and all the good ones like aerials –

stick to the basic principles and are simple !


Peter  G3XBI

Comments from Mike M0SVA regarding his adjustiwave essential

Hi Colin,

We have exchanged emails on my initial setup and I’m over the moon with the antenna. I had previously done a reasonable amount of my own research with tuned radials and I do favour raised ones about 18 inches off the ground. 2 have always worked well on 20 and 40. Descending 40 and below to 80 meters we really are into different realms altogether. I did work at a ship to shore radio station at one time in my career and realised radials and earthing is a specialist subject in its own right. More below ground than above. Once I finally decide on the adjustiwave location I can replicate your findings and have confidence it will work well. I have both the Spiderpole and the DX Commander poles and the Spiderpole is is so well made and for 80 is a must. It will not be a permanent fixture as the station master is pretty oblivious to my existing antenna setup and your system is so swift to deploy I can take it up and put it down within minutes. So do I hide the first few meters of pole behind the garden shed or centre it on the lawn? I’m not there yet and need time to play with the 80 meter radial set in both locations to see how it performs. Having so much fun with this I’m so pleased I found your YouTube channel. You’ve solved the issues and sourced the right materials for the job I tried for a couple of years to do. Failing so miserably, my bamboo cane version was a sight to see however but I did become proficient at tying knots. 73 M0AZE Mike

Feedback from Simon M0GBK

Hello Colin.

Hope you are well?

Just to let you know that I have finally had the time to mount the antenna in the rear garden and have been using it mainly on 20m for the past few days.

I have to say that the antenna arrived very well packed and was extremely easy to erect and tune on all bands with very little tweaking required.

I currently have it mounted on a Vine Antennas 10m heavy duty pole which is then mounted on a galvanized steel support mount (See image below) which provides excellent support and allows the antenna to be moved around as required.

I have been extremely impressed with its build quality, ease of operation and performance, below is a just a snapshot of stations worked on 20m in the last 24 hours in poor band conditions.

currently have it configured to run with a single tuned radial which runs across the garden and again this very easy to tune for individual bands as required.

I have just purchased a 12m heavy duty pole and this will be installed this weekend.

Thanks once again for the excellent service and outstanding product.

Kind Regards