Antenna building is just a hobby for me but I am able to manufacture units in small volume.

Lead time to shipping typically 5 – 10 working days, I usually have some products ready built so please ask.

Payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. Get in contact via the contact page for more information or to purchase.

adjustiwave Verticals

If you need to be able to work 2m then please order a unit with QRO choke balun. This is due to the antenna being fed with coax directly to the reel feed point.

Check out this overview to see the basic differences between the antennas

adjustiwave essential – £109

adjustiwave essential with QRO Choke Balun – £169

adjustiwave standard – £169

adjustiwave Standard with QRO Choke Balun – £189


adjustiwave Multi

adjustiwave Multi – £89


All prices do not include shipping but I will ship at cost. Some typical costs for the adjustiwave vertical are –

Shipping within the UK – £10

Shipping to France – £18

Shipping to Germany £17

Shipping to USA £66 (prices have sky rocketed recently unfortunately)

Shipping to Australia £80

The adjustiwave Multi is a bit cheaper to ship than the above prices due to not having the arms.