What’s supplied with the adjustiwave? – The adjustiwave main box, top mount plate, 3 x fiberglass arms with pulleys & 2 loose pulleys to use for the adjustable radial (2 loose pulleys not supplied with adjustiwave essential)

What else do I need? – The adjustiwave has been designed to be used in conjunction with Spiderbeam’s 12m HD fibreglass pole minus the top section. The top mount plate fits to the top of the second section, a suitable guying kit is also required. If you are using the asjustable radial, you will need 2 supports of some kind to attach the 2 loose pulleys to. Personally I use broom handles which are very inexpensive.

How many people does it take to set up the adjustiwave – I have designed this antenna so one person can set it up without any issues.

Can I use other fiberglass poles? – of course. Any pole used just needs to be strong enough to support the top mount plate assembly and arms. You may not want to use 80m for example. If this is the case, why not use 6m of a 10m pole. You will still be able to operate 40m upwards. You may however require a different rubber clamp for your top mount plate.

How do you achieve resonance for the desired frequency you want to operate on? – Every driven element and radial element are colour coded & marked for all amateur radio bands, 80m through 2m. If you are using the adjustiwave lite and a radial system, simply reel in or out the driven element wire till the desired band marker is level with the spindle. Check SWR on your SWR meter / Analyser / Radio and adjust the driven element length as nessessary. If you are using the adjustable standard, set the driven element length with the desired band marker level with the spindle. Wind the radial in or out till the desired band marker is level with the spindle. Check the SWR as above. if an adjustment is required then simply adjust the length of the radial till resonance is reached. If you run out of adjustment then you may need to lengthen or shorten the driven element.

How long does it take to set the adjustiwave up for operation? – The adjustiwave with adjustable radiator can be set up in less than 20 minutes (see the video below) Setting up the adjustiwave lite (with radials) will only take a few minutes longer.

More coming soon………..